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Carrom Pool Mod

Carrom Mod is first-class in-house co-op game which is mainly practiced at Bangladesh, India Pakistan and Nepal. This particular app has dual modes Classic and Disc Pool Modes. You may function it online along your buddies beyond globe.

By certain game playing, you must to place entire discs towards hole, members and people whom obtains high ranks will be champion of this game. By carrom pool, you will hold modern features like unbolted strikers, unbolted items, unbolted gems along unpaid pucks.

Carrom game is designed via Miniclip, accessible in dual offline and virtual ways. While you run carrom. This will deliver you gesture like you operate this game by visible reality. Carrom has unique graphics and extreme comfort commands, due to which public is becoming habitual of carrom pool.

Updated details status:

By 25th April, 2023




50,000,000 plus

Recent Version of carrom:


Preferable Android device:

4.1 & above


4 plus

Sort of Game:

Avail it by Google Play store and install your favorite Carrom Pool.

Installation of Carrom pool:

To have Carrom Pool in your hands along limitless gems & coins opt easiest steps as mentioned under.

Hold on installing button to get carrom pool.

Instantly your installation will start.

Installing procedure will consume few seconds.

When the installation is finished.

Hold over download key.

Permit unknown means via mobile settings.

Congratulations to you for having successful downloading of carrom pool.

Features of carrom pool:

Multiplayer feature of carrom.

Can enjoy it online along your buddies.

You may play it offline too.

Dual multiple modes:

Disc Pool and classic Modes:

Easy holding and reliable physics.

To unbolt great deal of pucks & stickers.

Achieve free winning chests along best rewards.

Update your strikers and release frenzy.

Contend along best players.

Give chance to yourself for free golden reward and avail amazing prizes.

Limitless gems cash and coins.

Features details

Multiplayer function:

Trying any game along buddies and family is about amusement. Carrom pool permits you to run this game along your buddies. Simultaneously 4 persons may play this certain game as actual carrom pool. Confront your buddies and contest along them and try to win extra coins.

Virtual functionality:

Run Carrom pool to your buddies via sitting apart by them is actually an awesome function. Carrom permits you to practice the game virtual.

Carrom has extreme benefits rather actual life as carrom you may run actual life game to your buddies either you are at near to everyone further at a single sitting. Yet this virtual carrom has created it feasible to run the game via settled in multiple cities and states.

Offline mode:

Either your buddies are going offline and you have nothing to do. Later no need to unease, you may yet run this game on PC. Your PC will run the carrom as actual person.

Limitless Gems function:

Gem is very prominent currency by Carrom. As you may unbolt further functions while you will have ample gems. Yet query raise over how to obtain further gems by carrom pool. Reply is further games you will attain further games that you will cash. If you miss any Carrom attempt you will miss few gems.

Yet hold up? What’s the reason to miss any gaming? You will see here the solution of limitless coins & Gems. Hence, install the particular version by here and achieve each game.

Purchase Item by Store:

While you unbolt the carrom you will have Store Section at right. At there you will have things as gems, pro, supreme and master Chests, and further items.

Yet to have all certain objects you have to expend multiple actual cash. Hold up! You may have our gaming version to obtain all certain objects fully unbolted.

Ads deleted function:

This is awesome hearing for carrom games lovers which we have only deleted entire applications by the game. At present you may amuse it apart from ads. You can get best user experience from pop up disturbance.

Free playing:

Carrom Pool is entirely free to run for entire android servers. This has entire premium functions. And users are not in need to purchase something further. Hence install it and get enjoyment from its free version.

Unbolted entire Chest:

By our Carrom mod , you will have entire chests completely unbolted containing.

Paris Stage and Delhi Lounge Bronzes, master

Supreme and pro Chests gaming modes.

Carrom playing:

It is nearly same to operate Disc Pool yet this has tiny swaps. Rather 12, table having 13 number of troops. More importantly red section should be finished prior to ending unit. Meanwhile, our competitors will practice it and will contend you smoothly.

Play Disc mode:

It arrives along multiple various venues like New York, Delhi, Mumbai, London, Paris and Dubai, etc. By certain gaming mode, every player sets few money prior to start game. Eventually champion will avail entire cash by entire gaming experts.

Practice function:

It is free practice mode by its title explains, you may certain mode and obtain run to Carrom. So, without any lose you may use it freely as trial.


To run Carrom mode you are no need of particular essentials by your phone. This has minimum size and may play on all phones. Still you may operate the game by phone along 512MBs. Meanwhile, official creator of carrom commands android 4.1 and above.

Carrom is perfect gaming for Android users. It’s graphics is very unique. Furthermore, this is carrom version by that you will obtain limitless free gems and coins. It is entire functional mod.

Novelty in carrom pool:

Novelty tiny Games are now part of it.

Upgrade by 7.1.3 recent version.

Activity Lobby is a new addition.

Avail awesome free prizes.

More easy controls as prior.

Fresh Carrom Pool chat button for video.

Avail free successful chests.

Unbolt great deal of stickers.

Assists offline playing.

Update strikers.

Grab team tournament.

No further bugs by recent update.

Recent roulette tiny-game arriving soon!

Little UX swapping.

Fresh tiny games are to be part of it further.


Though you are carrom admirer and have no buddies to run carrom visibly so you must run carrom. This game will turn you in it’s addiction. And you will practice it more repeatedly.

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